Testimonials from clients:

“The Foundations Consultancy has been such a critical partner in helping us train our staff to support our children.”

“Therapy has helped my daughter to reflect on her experiences & be heard & held when exploring difficult things. I do not think she would have got as far as she has in terms of insight into herself & her life without therapy.”

“This therapy has helped us to bond more closely and given us a focus in the week for reflection. The best thing about working with Wendy has been her willingness to engage with the school & other agencies to provide a unified approach for my daughter.”

“The change I have seen since we have been in therapy has been gradual & steady. This is not a quick fix, but it has been a vehicle for validation of my daughter’s feelings & her understanding of herself has deepened during this time. She has managed to achieve extremely well in school despite a turbulent period of adolescence. I believe this has been in part due to the therapeutic input from Wendy.”

“Parent sessions have helped me to remain focused on a psychological explanation of her behaviour. I have had very difficult periods & the support Wendy gave me to carry on has been invaluable. I could be honest, angry & resentful with her in these sessions, which helped me to go back to my daughter with renewed energy & patience.”

Testimonials specific to the New Foundations Training Course

“This course has been very good, high quality, best training I have have had in 20 years of fostering!”

“This course has made me reflect more and to question why x may be behaving a certain way and think about how they may may be feeling.”

“It has been a really interesting course and I have taken something from every session, either from an educational perspective to inform my practice in education or to help me develop a more secure relationship and empathise with my young person. Thank you both so much!”

“If ever there was a course to change the way carers foster then this is the one. All carers should be invited to attend this course.”

“I found the brain development bits extremely helpful and it has really helped me to understand my child better. I have fostered for 11 years and wish I had been given this training from the beginning.”

“I found the facilitators extremely professional, they had the ability to understand the group in depth.”

“This has been an excellent course. It was very well explained and received with the trainers always going at the right pace for everyone to absorb the information. I feel this training should be available to everyone that works with/cares for children, it is of huge benefit and is the best course I have ever attended.”

“The best course I have ever been on. All carers, Social workers, teachers etc should do it…. would actually like to do it all over again!!”

“The group has helped me to be a better foster carer and mother, to understand the children’s behaviour a lot more and to deal with everyone’s feelings including my own.” Julie

“I look forward to Monday mornings as I have felt safe and supported in the group and other carers understand what I am going through. Thank you for making them insightful, enjoyable and friendly.” Suzanne

“I am better at understanding my child’s behaviour and how to cope with the difficulties.”

“I don’t always feel I have to problem solve now but quite often using empathy and PACE skills help me to calm my child down which has always been so difficult in the past!”

“It has given me an understanding of why my child finds relationships so difficult when their brain has not developed as a secure child and this has helped me to reduce my expectations of them and try and think of her as a much younger child…then her behaviour makes more sense.”

“Having more understanding enables me to deal with difficult situations more effectively and that benefits both me and the young person!”

“This course should be part of all foster carers and adopters induction it is ESSENTIAL LEARNING!! I think that all Social Workers should have it too as it would help them to support us too!”

“I have a greater understanding of my young persons behaviours which allows me to adapt my approaches and be more empathic.”

“The group has affected my parenting very positively…its an encouraging and welcoming environment where you experience unconditional positive regard – really important!”

“Discussions with other carers has helped me to realise I am not alone in experiencing these difficulties with my child, being reminded of coping strategies causes me to remain positive and think there are things I can do.”