New Foundations Attachment Focussed Parenting Course

New foundations

Who is it for?

This training package is for foster carers, adoptive parents and residential staff. This group programme has been developed by us and is based upon Dr Kim S. Golding’s work package.

What does it cover?

At the heart of this ‘therapeutic re-parenting’ approach is a thorough understanding of attachment theory.

This course aims to:

  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of the early infant years, the importance of ‘secure’ attachments and how these provide the foundation for healthy brain development especially in the first 2 years of life.
  • Explore how early experiences can effect the establishment of secure relationship patterns which a child continues to use throughout the lifespan.
  • Understand the effects of early developmental trauma and abuse upon an infant’s developing brain and the impact of this adversity on a child’s later cognitive, emotional, social and behavioural functioning.
  • Introduce parents to ‘attachment focussed’ parenting which helps them to give the child the experiences that may have missed out on as infants. This approach enables the parent to help the child to experience ‘secure’ relationship patterns and promote the development of the neural pathways.
  • Use ‘therapeutic re-parenting’ approach to help the child to re-learn ways of engaging in relationships with others.
  • Increase parents/carers ability to understand and manage the complex and challenging behaviours of the children in their care; by enabling them to understand the origins of the behaviours and the unique difficulties that children with attachment difficulties can have as a result of their early childhood experiences.
  • Help carers/parents to ensure they look after themselves emotionally and to be more aware of how their own childhood experiences may influence their parental responses to their child.


The programme is divided into 3 modules, each module consists of 3 full days.

Module 1 – a comprehensive understanding of attachment theory, the impact of abuse and trauma upon the developing child – ‘developmental’ trauma, an understanding of the effects of ‘insecure’ attachments on a child’s emotional, social and cognitive functioning.

Modules 2 and 3 – introduce a ‘therapeutic re-parenting’ model which helps parents to develop the necessary skills to respond more effectively to the needs of their child. It also encompasses the latest understanding of ‘brain based parenting’  helping parents to think about how their parenting can influence the development of neural pathways which have previously been under developed because of the child’s early history. Carers are taught about PACE (Dr Dan S Hughes, Clinical Psychologist approach) and how to use PACE ‘therapeutic re-parenting’ skills with their children.

We also provide guidance on how to create a ‘secure home environment’, building relationships and managing complex behaviours e.g. self-harm, stealing, lying, disintegrative shame, emotional regulation and aggression.

The feedback we have had from delivering this training has been overwhelmingly positive with carers saying that it has transformed the way that they parent their children and enabled them to understand the complex needs of their child.

Benefits of New Foundations:

  • Working within a group context has been a bonus for carers who report that they have learned from each other and found it comforting to discover that they are not alone in finding it challenging to be a parent to their child.
  • Residential staff have reported that it has helped them to function more effectively as a team and to understand the importance of their role in caring for the young people in their care.
  • This is a revolutionary package for parents and carers and we are very confident that this will have a transformatory effect on parents/carers/staff’s parenting approach.
  • This is a multi media package benefitting from the presentation of some dvd material, slide presentations,videoed therapeutic work as well as more interactive work e.g. role play, group discussions.

Individually Tailored Parental Mentoring

We are able to deliver the above package to adoptive parents, Kinship Carers, Guardians and Foster Carers as an individually tailored mentoring approach. Enabling individual parents to access this innovative approach and helping them to tailor it to the specific needs of their children. This ‘mentoring’ can be offered as an ongoing package of consultation and/or as ongoing support to ensure greater placement stability and security enabling the parent a much needed opportunity to make sense of their child’s difficulties. Find out more about our Consultation services.

  • Testimonials

    “If ever there was a course to change the way carers foster then The New Foundations Attachment Course is the one. All carers should be invited to attend this course.”

    “The group has helped me to be a better foster carer and mother, to understand the children’s behaviour a lot more and to deal with everyone’s feelings including my own.” Julie

    “This has been an excellent course. It was very well explained and received with the trainers always going at the right pace for everyone to absorb the information. I feel this training should be available to everyone that works with/cares for children, it is of huge benefit and is the best course I have ever attended.”

    “This course has been very good, high quality, best training I have have had in 20 years of fostering!” Stella

    “Attending the course was fantastic. The refresher day was really helpful as it gave me the opportunity to meet with the group again and to revisit some of the things we had learned…it was so useful to role play some of the things that each of us had been struggling with…” Julie

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