Welcoming a Child: Preparation for Adoption and Fostering

Our pre-adoption/fostering training is aimed at preparing parents/carers for caring for an adopted or a foster child. With a large majority of children from the care system coming from a background of abuse, trauma and neglect, it is unsurprising that many struggle to form ‘secure’ and loving relationships with new carers/parents. They often seek to emulate their old experiences of how to ‘do’ relationships. Our training is firmly rooted in attachment theory and aims to promote a comprehensive understanding of the foundations needed to support and parent a child from such a background, using a ‘therapeutic re-parenting’ framework. The training will cover:

  • Understanding your own attachment history
  • Child Development e.g. emotional, cognitive and social development
  • Effects of early abuse and trauma upon child development with a particular focus on brain development
  • Developing relationships with children with insecure attachments and attachment difficulties
  • Managing challenging behaviours using an attachment parenting framework
  • How can I be the best parent/carer that I can be? – Strategies for helping parents to adapt to their new role

Many carers who have completed our “New Foundations” programme have commented that they wished that they had been able to acquire this knowledge sooner so that they could begin the parenting role from a more informed perspective and with confidence that they had the skills, understanding and strategies to apply this approach from the moment that they began to foster/adopt. We believe that carers should be given this training at the earliest opportunity so that they can start their parenting as they mean to go on.

  • Testimonials

    “This course should be part of all foster carers and adopters induction it is ESSENTIAL LEARNING!! I think that all Social Workers should have it too as it would help them to support us too!” Sue

    "I have fostered for 11 years and wish I had been given this training from the beginning.” Jenny

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