“The more healthy relationships a child has the more likely they will be to recover from trauma. Relationships are the agents of change, and the most powerful therapy is human love”

Bruce D. Perry

I am Dr Wendy Coetzee, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years of Clinical Psychology experience spanning across a variety of settings including CAMHS, Social Care and the Private Sector. I have three amazing children of my own who help me to know that no matter what I’ve learned as a Clinician there is always more to know and that there is no such thing as “perfect parenting”!!

I have been privileged to work with some amazing children and young people who have taught me so much about about adversity and resilience. I have developed a practice which I hope enables families to emotionally re-connect and that focusses on developing a contextually informed  understanding of a child’s difficulties rather than thinking “What’s wrong with you?…..it is ….”What happened to you?”.

My passion for supporting children and their families and the professionals supporting them has spanned across a multitude of settings and has enabled me to develop services for children with complex needs.

At the heart of my therapeutic approach is a relationship centred approach recognising that all children need relationships to help them to develop safety and security. I draw on the expertise and knowledge of a range of trauma specialists including Daniel Hughes (DDP Therapy), Dr Kim Golding (My Supervisor), Karen Treisman, Bruce Perry and a wide variety of other researchers in this field. Their work has been inspirational in informing how I work with the families and systems that support them.

Training and Consultation:

I specialise in developing and delivering teaching and training to a wide variety of professionals and parents. Training is something which I feel is vital to ensure that children and young people can be understood in the context of the events which have informed the people they have become. Understanding is everything to those who are supporting children with complex emotional needs and challenging behaviours. I specialise in supporting professionals and parents to make sense of the complex needs of children and young people with mental health difficulties.

I have been practising as a DDP informed Clinician for the last 15 years supported by supervision from Dr Kim Golding. After many years I am now going through my practicum to support my accreditation in this therapeutic approach.

The Foundations Consultancy offers a range of clinical psychology therapy services to children, young people, their parents and their families. Informed by attachment and trauma informed approaches for supporting children with developmental trauma and a wide range of mental health difficulties. 

I also offer a broad range of training days and workshops to a wide variety of professionals and organisations working with children and young people to support them to understand the complex mental health needs of children and young people.

What we offer to families:

  • Comprehensive psychological assessment, formulation and treatment of a range of mental health difficulties including PTSD, Attachment and Developmental Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Low Mood, School related anxiety, parenting advice and support,.
  • Psychological therapies including DDP (Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy), DBT, CBT, Family therapy based interventions, PACE informed Parental advice, support and PACE training.

What we offer to Professionals:

  • Consultation and training on Attachment and Developmental Trauma, 2 and 3 day courses in PACE for Parents, Schools and Professionals.
  • Developing a Trauma Informed approach a series of one day workshops for Schools, Social Work teams, residential care organisations, Family Support Workers, Mental health professionals Mental Health Awareness Days for schools.
  • Workshops and Training courses on Developing a Trauma Informed Organisational Approach for Senior Leadership and Executive teams.

My experience at both a strategic, organisationsl level (as a Clinical Director at Horizon care and Education Group for 5 years developing an attachment and trauma informed Psychology service) and as an experienced Clinician with a wealth of experience in supporting children with complex developmental trauma and a range of mental health problems enable me to offer a well informed service. .

I have a strong ethos of working closely with the family and the professionals who are involved in the child’s care (Team around the Child)  enabling them to provide the foundation from which secure attachments can be built.

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